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Douzelage Meerssen is based Markt 11, 6231 LR, Meerssen

In this document Douzelage Meerssen informs you on the way it collects personal data with the website, processes them and for what purposes. Also this document informs you on the cookie policy.
The website is built on the content management system WordPress. You can find the privacy policy of WordPress here.

You can visit the website without sharing any personal information. The cookies used by the website are not used to collect your personal data. is hosted by, the servers are based in Denmark. The privacy policy of can be found here, the cookie policy here.

Douzelage Meerssen respects the privacy of all visitors of the website and its potential contacts.

The website does not collect any personal data of visitors to the website.

The website does publish personal data of contact persons in the 28 member towns and the presidency. The personal data that is published is:


Objectives of the use of personal data
Douzelage Meerssen aims at communicating with their members and non members and inform them on activities and projects of one or more member towns, or the presidency. It provides the visitor with contact information on these activities. Douzelage Europe does not use personal data for any commercial purpose.

Douzelage Meerssen uses, email, Facebook and Instagram to inform. The privacy policies of the two social media mentioned above are found here: Facebook, Instagram.

Your personal data
If Douzelage Meerssen has published your personal data on, you have the right to request a copy of the data. If you do not think that the information we hold about you is correct, or you think that we do not have all the information which we should have about you, you can request that we rectify the information so that it is correct and complete.
You can request that we erase the data which we hold about you, or that we restrict the way that the data is used.
You can make these requests by emailing Douzelage Meerssen will respond within seven working days.

Retaining your information
Douzelage Meerssen publishes the mentioned personal data on the website with the explicit written consent of all persons involved. After five years Douzelage Meerssen will ask for a renewal of this consent.

Cookies are small text-files a website places on a computer, tablet or smartphone. Cookies are used to make the surfing on the website easier and more user friendly. Cookies are also used to analyse the use of the website and counts the visits.
Cookies are also placed by third parties. These third parties have no access to the data in our cookies.
You can refuse cookies by changing the settings of your browser. This may have consequences for the usability of our website. Be aware that if your browser does not accept any cookie, parts of our website can not be used.

We use Javascript to make the website interactive and user friendly. Javasctript is also used to measure the visits to the website.

What data are collected?
Douzelage Meerssen does not collect and store personal information in cookies like telephone numbers or email addresses. Cookies are not used for marketing activities. Douzelage Europe has taken appropriate measures to protect the website against theft and abuse of the personal data. The following measures are in place:

* the protection measures of the host;
* a firewall on the computer of the webmaster;
* the backend of the site is protected by a username and password;
* a plugin protecting the website against Brute Force attacks;

Douzelage Meerssen holds it very important that your personal data are protected and that at the same time the website is easy to navigate and use.

Cookies come in different sorts:

Functional cookies
We use functional cookies to make surfing on easier. Third parties have no access to these cookies.

Analytical cookies
Douzelage Meerssen uses analytical cookies to gain insight in the behaviour of the visitors. To know how many visits we count or about the most popular webpages. We do not store personal data in the process and the information on behaviour is not linked to personal data.
The analysis is serviced by the plugin Jetpack. The privacy policy of Jetpack is found here.

Tracking cookies
Tracking cookies keep track on your surfing behaviour to find out about your interests, to target you with advertisements you may be interested in. Douzelage Meerssen does not use tracking cookies.

Social Media cookies
Social media cookies make it easy to share news from the website on the social media platforms. Douzelage Meerssen publishes newsposts with a “share” button of Facebook. Facebook does place cookies via to enable this sharing.

Blocking of cookies
It is possible to block cookies on your computer. You can use the settings of your browser to get a notification every time a cookie is placed on your computer or to make it impossible to place cookies. You can also regularly erase the cookies. Doing these things may have consequences for the usability of the website.
How to block cookies in your browser you can find:

here for Chrome; 
here for Firefox; 
here for Internet Explorer; 
here for Safari. 

If you want to block cookies from specific websites you can visit

Third parties
This privacy statement is not applicable for websites that are linked to via links or buttons. These websites should publish their own privacy policy under the GDPR.

Changes to this privacy policy
We will occasionally update this Privacy Policy. The version number of this policy and the date is mentioned hereunder.

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Meerssen, November 27th 2023
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